Nestled in the Weald countryside J&R Sheffield has been producing Christmas turkeys for the seasonal market at Foords Farm since 1950. 


The farm is currently run by Jim Sheffield alongside his daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren, and was originally brought by Jim’s father and mother, Jack and Rita Sheffield (hence J&R Sheffield). The farm was originally run as a mixed farm. Following the end of the Second World War with food being more widely available and families having more money in their pocket, Jack  and Rita started to produce turkeys for the festive table. 


Whilst farming has changed a lot since the start of the farm, our traditional farming methods, with well established, high welfare standards remain our priority for all our stock.

Brought to the farm as day old poults at the end of May/beginning of June each year, our turkeys are kept indoors in large barns under heat lamps until around 12 weeks when they are then allowed full access to large roaming spaces or are part of our free range flock. All our turkeys are treated to windfall apples and during October they enjoy pumpkins. Our free range flock spend their days foraging stinging nettles, acorns and bracken some enjoy dust bathing, just as nature intended and always under the careful eye of their two Alpaca guardians, GG Joey and Polar Bear. 

Our entire flock is slow grown over a period of 6 months which allows for full maturity, establishing a good layer of fat for each bird leading to a happy and contented flock. All of which contribute to a traditional and delicious Christmas centre piece.


It's never too early to order your Christmas Turkey drop us an email (we love talking turkey) or contact us using the 'contact us' section part of the website.