Whether a small or large gathering. We have a bird to cater for all. From a 'make mine a half', to a crown or full bird you will find an option to suit your festive requirements.   

**SOLD OUT FOR 2021** Whole Christmas Turkey exactly what it says. All the bird in all its glory! A Christmas centre piece spectacular. 


**SOLD OUT FOR 2021**Make mine a half Christmas Turkey all the taste and tradition of a full bird just in half, straight down the middle. Simple. You'll still be able to enjoy white breast meat, alongside the darker, juicy brown wing and leg meat.

**SOLD OUT FOR 2021**Christmas Turkey Crown the legs and back are removed, leaving the breast and wings. This results in a quicker cooking time. Perfect for those who want little left overs and prefer the white meat. 

All our turkeys are presented to you in a bespoke carry box, with 'pop up' timer & cooking instructions.